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We’ve Refreshed DR…

These days most organisations rely almost universally on IT systems to operate and compete effectively. Yet a reluctance to invest, unverified recovery processes and unsuitable recovery methods frequently result in highly ineffective disaster recovery plans.

Our Disaster Recovery Service addresses each of these by offering you highly secure, inexpensive , fully monitored and easily testable protection for your critical IT systems, without compromising on recovery levels.

Our Approach

Our service is based on the simple principle of starting with what’s natively available before augmenting it with 3rd party offerings.

We leverage a toolbox of Microsoft’s own products available within the Azure public cloud, and find that the vast majority of the time, Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) can be met without the increased complexity and cost of additional 3rd party licences or appliances.

Features & Benefits

Service Pricing

Pricing comprises of one-off setup costs and ongoing monthly running costs.

*For customers without an existing data centre running in Azure, we implement a base environment to fail-over into, comprising an Active Directory Domain Controller with Domain Name Services (DNS). This environment is designed to be low cost, but immediately available for use in the event of a disaster.

**Please note that Azure consumption costs will increase when failover is invoked.

The Onboarding Process

We get your service up and running in just a few simple steps. All we require from you is initial workshop attendance to discuss your systems and requirements, and a server to install our management platform on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your systems will be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure they’re replicating successfully, and if we find any issues we’ll investigate, remediate and report back. We’ll also maintain the replication environment, including regular patching of the management server and replication agents.

Your systems and data will be replicated into Azure, which is a fully accredited and compliant public cloud environment (see The replication process itself is encrypted-in-transit and encrypted-at-rest.

Yes, this is essential in order to facilitate a rapid DR response. We will set up a best practice, low cost data centre for you, comprising ‘utility’ services such as a Domain Controller and DNS.  These services will remain constantly active and available, allowing users to immediately authenticate straight into Azure if a failover is enacted. But it means you’ll also be able to utilise Azure as a cloud platform in other ways, outside of the DR service, should you wish to. Common ‘first steps’ into the cloud include spinning up ‘crash and burn’ environments such as Dev or Test VMs, and the use of inexpensive file storage. We can advise you on these too if required.

No, you can perform DR Tests as often as you want to.  We’ll help you carry out one formal ‘whole environment’ test failover per year, designed as a dry run in the event of a real disaster.  But our service is configured so that you can perform individual server or whole system failover testing to a non-production environment yourselves, whenever you choose.

Yes, our UK-based support team will already be familiar with your environment, and will be on hand to assist you with any issues you experience when failing over if a true disaster strikes.

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