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Office 365

Now part of the Microsoft 365 suite Office 365 provides a set of cloud based business applications and tools to enable remote working and collaboration. Office 365 delivers productivity and messaging applications to any device from the cloud, whilst Teams delivers instant messaging, video conferencing, telephony and presence, to truly enable flexibility, collaboration and mobility.

Moving to the cloud can be a big decision for any business and while moving to Microsoft 365 has some major advantages, it’s not going to be right for everyone. Whether you are thinking about moving from a traditional environment to one based on Microsoft 365, or looking to maximise an existing Office 365 deployment, the challenge of how to drive adoption and drive through business value is always present. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Venture 1 has helped a wide range of organisations move to the cloud by selecting Microsoft 365 as their preferred platform. Providing a tried and tested implementation service Venture 1 can help you make the move to Microsoft 365 and Teams so that you can gain the advantages of being able to:-


Work Anywhere, Anytime

A major benefit of implementing Microsoft 365 is the ability to work from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. Because Microsoft 365 is entirely cloud-based, users can access email, files and Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), from any device, in any location.


Collaborate Together

If working together in teams is at all a part of your business then everyone who needs to contribute to or edit a document (or spreadsheet/presentation), can work on the same version with real-time updates rather than having multiple versions in circulation that then have to be combined.

Users can also provide direct access to their files, rather than send attachments. This means that changes can be made to one file rather than having multiple copies in existence with versioning included just in case they need to go to back to an older version.


Access the Latest Program Versions

By using Microsoft 365, you will always have access to the latest version without having to uninstall and reinstall software applications on everyone’s machines.


Utilise Flexible Payment Plans

A range of Microsoft 365 payment plans is available providing different programs and features. Not everyone is going to need the exact same thing. Plans can be “mixed & matched” so that you only pay for what you need and can also be switched if users’ needs change.


Pay by Subscription

As a subscription-based service, implementing Microsoft 365 means that you pay a low monthly fee per user, rather than a lump sum up front. Viewed from a cash flow perspective this helps as plans are typically paid on a monthly basis (yearly subscriptions are sometimes available at a discount) and you can turn off what you’re not using to save money.


Implement Security Features

It is a common misconception that being in the Cloud isn’t “safe”. In reality, it’s no more or less safe than an on-premise system. As with any environment it is all about how it is used and what security measures are put in place. Microsoft 365 has many in-built security features which are designed to help keep your data safe. These include:

  • Encrypted email: To stop anyone, other than the intended recipient, from reading an email.
  • Data Loss Prevention: A set of policies to check and prevent sensitive information from leaving an organisation via email.
  • Mobile Device Management: This allows you to control Office on users’ phones to protect company information. If a phone is lost or stolen, it can be wiped remotely.
  • Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA): ATA uses machine learning and data analysis to detect and alert you to suspicious behaviour on your network. It can scan emails as they come into the network for malicious links and attachments and prevent them from getting in. Employees will still get the email but will get a message with an explanation of why the attachment isn’t there. This can help prevent data breaches due to human error.


Whilst these aren’t all the security features available in Microsoft 365 they are not available on all plans so to have all users in your organisation covered, they would need to be included on plans that include it or purchased as an add-on.

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